Monday, December 31, 2018


A complete hiking and climbing guide to the La Plata Mountains of Southwest Colorado. You will also find San Juan Mountain favorites as well as selections from around the Southwest. Link to the region you desire where you will find an alphabetical list of the hikes.
Thomas Holt Ward, photo

Feature Hike: Pueblo Bonito, the largest prehistoric structure on the Colorado Plateau, is located within Chaco Culture National Historic Park. Visit ruins and rock art on two backcountry hikes.


La Plata Mountains, Colorado 

San Juan Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Colorado 

Durango, Colorado and Locations Nearby

New Mexico

National Parks

Southern Utah, Northern Arizona 

Southern Arizona

Sierra Nevada Mountains

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Debra Van Winegarden (Chris Blackshear, photo)


  1. Debra - Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful hikes. I feel like I'm actually there walking alongside (though I can just about manage a 6-mile walk in Derbyshire nowadays). Your choice of illustrations is superb, your natural history notes almost Attenboresque (?!), and I'm sure your instructions are equally as accurate. My wife and I were privileged to ride on the D & S during a coach (sorry, bus) tour we took this year. We envy you your surroundings. Thanks for not keeping them to yourself, and for the effort you obviously put into your posts. Edwin Ashworth, Oldham

  2. Really great TR's. Thanks. Noticed that the title at the top of the blog reads: December 31, 2017. I must have slept thru a few months of 2017.

    1. Thank you, Charlie. As for the advance date, it is a goofy trick I have to play with the computer to keep things sorted properly. You, on the other hand, are wide awake. Debra

  3. Hi Debra,
    I read your post on Supertopo re. the Starlight Peak accident and Laura. In case you don't know exactly who Hoots is, he's this Sierra mountain guide:

    Am so sorry about the accident, but glad that at least one person survived :-(


    1. Hoots, an angel in the Range of Light. Thanks, Terry. Debra

  4. Hi Debra,
    Your site is absolutely fantastic! I was looking for some hike info for southern Utah, and your entries nailed it. Fantastic pics, very good details on the hike. You should self-publish these hikes - Amazon has the tools you would need, including CreateSpace for print versions. (I don't work for Amazon or anything - would just love to have a book of your content. :) ) Keep it up! And I am SO envious that you go to all of these wonderful places.

    1. Thank you for your generous compliment. I used to be a librarian--so I really should write a book, right? But alas, I'd have to hike less. Thanks for the self-publishing idea and for reading. Debra

  5. Really fantastic blog. We live in Tucson and the stuff you publish is of great value to us. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for reading, Roy. I am pleased you find Earthline useful. 7 Cats, Finger Rock--you are gnarly! With respect. Debra