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A complete hiking and climbing guide to the La Plata Mountains of Southwest Colorado. You will also find San Juan Mountain favorites as well as selections from around the Southwest. The entries are sorted by region and alphabetically by title below.

Feature Hike: Walk on a historic wagon road constructed by Mormon settlers to haul dairy products from the Escalante River.

La Plata Mountains, Colorado

Baker Peak, 11,949'
Bald Knob, 11,637'
Baldy Peak, 10,866'
Burro Mountain, 11,575' 
Burwell Peak, 12,664'
Centennial Peak, 13,062'
Cumberland Mountain, 12,388'
Deadwood Mountain, 12,285'
Diorite Peak, 12,761'
East Babcock Peak, 13,149'
Gibbs Peak, 12,286'
Helmet Peak, 11,969' to Rush Basin
Hesperus Mountain, 13,232', Northern Approaches 
Hesperus Mountain, 13,232', Southern Approach
Indian Trail Ridge
Kennebec Pass Trailhead to Sharkstooth Pass via Sharkstooth Trail 
Knife: West Babcock, 13,160', to Spiller Peak, 13,132'
Lavender Peak, 13,200'
Lewis Mountain, 12,681'
Madden Peak, 11,972'
Madden Peak, 11,972', and Parrott Peak, 11,857', Western Approach 
Middle Babcock Peak, 13,180'
Mount Moss, 13,192'
Olga Little Mountain, 11,426'
Parrott Peak, 11,857'
Point 12,101' (Kennebec Peak)
Sharkstooth Peak, 12,462'
Silver Mountain, 12,496'
Snowstorm Peak, 12,511'
Spiller Peak, 13,123', via Burwell
Star Peak, 11,761'
West Babcock Peak, 13,160': Couloir Route

San Juan Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Colorado

American Peak, 13,806', from Burns Gulch
Animas Forks Mountain, 13,722'
Bear Mountain, 12,987'
Beattie Peak, 13,342', from Bandora Mine 
Catwalk: Above Animas Forks
Aztec Mountain, 13,310'
C.T. Peak, 13,312'
Canby Mountain, 13,478' 
Columbine Lake, 12,685', Via Slidepath Route
Columbine Lake, 12,685', Via Standard Trail 
Cooper Creek Peak, 13,688'
Crown Mountain, 13,569', and North Crown, 13,699' 
Dolores Peak, 13,290', San Miguel Mountains 
Dome Mountain, 13,370'
Dragon's Back, 12,968'
Dunn Peak, 12,595', San Miguel Mountains
Engineer Mountain, 12,968'
Engineer Mountain Circumnavigation
Every Mountain, 13,691'
Fuller Peak,13,761', Ice Lake Basin 
Galena Mountain, 13,278'
Golden Horn, 13,780', Ice Lake Basin
Grand Turk, 13,180'
Grayrock Peak, 12,504', and Graysill Mountain's Southern Points 
Grizzly Peak, 13,738': The Kaleidoscope Summit
Gudy Peak, 13,566'
Half Peak, 13,841'
Handies Peak, 14,048', Via Grouse Gulch 
Handies Peak, 14,048', Via Whitecross Mountain 
Hanson Peak, 13,454'; Hurricane Peak, 13,447'; California Mountain, 13,220'
Hayden Mountain South, 13,206', Via Richmond Pass
Hazelton Mountain, 12,527'
Houghton Mountain, 13,052' 
Ice Lake Basin, 12,257', Island Lake, 12,400'
Jones Mountain, 13,860', from Burns Gulch 
Jura Knob, 12,614'
Kendall Peak, 13,451' 
King Solomon Mountain, 13,220'
Little Cone, 11,981' 
Little Giant Peak, 13,416'
Lone Cone, 12,613'
Macomber Peak, 13,222' 
Matterhorn Peak, 13,590'
Middle Peak, 13,280', San Miguel Mountains 
Mount Kennedy, 13,125'
Mount Rhoda, 13,402'; Mountaineer Peak, 13,434'; Whitehead Peak, 13,259'; CDT Loop
Mount Massive, 14,421', Via Southeast Ridge 
Mountain View Crest, Overlook Point, 12,998', West End
Niagara Peak, 13,807', from Burns Gulch
Niagara Peak, 13,807', from Minnie Gulch 
North Twilight Peak, 13,075', West Needle Mountains
Oscar's Peak, 13,432', Via Blixt Road 
Peak 13,300', via Columbine Lake
Peak One, 13,589'
Point 13,795', Colorado's #109, Via Handies Peak
Potato Hill (Spud Mountain), 11,871'
Redcloud Peak, 14,034'
Rolling Mountain, 13,693'
San Joaquin Ridge Summit, 13,460' 
San Miguel Peak, 13,752'
Sheep Mountain, 13,188', East Ridge Gendarme (Lizard Head Pass) 
Sheridan Mountain, 12,795'; Crevasse, 12,311', Via Endlich Mesa
Snowdon Peak, 13,077'
Spencer Basin to Blair Gulch Thru-Hike 
Spencer Peak, 13,087' (Grand Turk Neighbor)
Storm Peak, 13,487', Silverton 
Sultan Mountain, 13,368'
Sundog, 13,432'
Sunshine Mountain, 12,930' (Ophir, CO) 
Sunshine Peak, 14,001'
Telluride Peak, 13,509', Black Bear Pass to Imogene Pass
Tower Mountain, 13,552'
Trico Peak, 13,321', Black Bear Pass to Imogene Pass 
Tuttle Mountain, 13,203' 
Twin Sisters: East, 13,432', and West, 13,374'
V2 (Point 13,309'), Ice Lake Basin Series
V8 (Point 13,300'), from Bandora Mine
Vermilion Peak, 13,894', Ice Lake Basin 
Wetterhorn Peak, 14,015'
Wildhorse Peak, 13,266' 
White Dome, 13,627'
Whitecross Mountain, 13,542', Via Grizzly Gulch
Wood Mountain, 13,650'
Yellow Mountain South, 13,177'

Durango, Colorado and Locations Nearby

Animas City Mountain, 8,161'
Bisti Badlands, Northern New Mexico 
Carbon Mountain, 7,844', Bodo State Wildlife Area
Cascade Creek Waterfalls, San Juan National Forest
Castle Rock, 10,441', Via Elbert Creek Trail, Hermosa Cliffs
Chaco Culture National Historical Park, World Heritage Site, New Mexico 
Missionary Ridge Trail System
Pautsky Point and Crader Ridge to Point 8,175' Via Horse Gulch
Perins Peak, 8,346'; and Point 8,682' (North Perins Peak)
Twin Buttes East, 7,737'; West, 7,700'; and Trail System 

National Parks:

Arches: Delicate Arch
Arches: Landscape Arch and Double O Arch
Big Bend: Emory Peak

Canyonlands, Island In The Sky District: Murphy Hogback Trail
Canyonlands, Needles District: Big Spring Canyon, Lost Canyon Loop
Canyonlands, Needles District: Druid Arch 

Capitol Reef: Dome 6,630' and Stegosaur Fin via Hickman Natural Bridge 
Capitol Reef: Golden Throne, Cassidy Arch, Upper Muley Twist
Capitol Reef: Grand Wash, Cassidy Arch, Cohab Canyon
Capitol Reef: Lower Muley Twist Canyon via Cutoff Trail

Death Valley: Corridor Canyon
Death Valley: Hidden Dunes and Eureka Dunes
Death Valley: Surprise Canyon to Panamint City
Death Valley: Telescope Peak, 11,048'; Bennett Peak, 9,980'; Rogers Peak, 9,994'
Death Valley: Thimble Peak, 6,381' and Titus Canyon 4WD Road
Death Valley in Spring: Wildrose Peak, Fall Canyon, Racetrack, Ubehebe Peak, Road Biking
Death Valley in Winter: Corkscrew Peak

Grand Canyon: Escalante Route, Tanner to Grandview
Grand Canyon: Kanab Creek Side Tripping 
Grand Canyon: Marion/Seiber Route, Kolb Arch
Grand Canyon: South Rim Corridor Trails and Clear Creek Spur
Grand Teton: Static Peak

Joshua Tree: Pinto Mountain

Rocky Mountain: Trail Ridge Road Bike Ride, Mount Ida

Southern Utah, Northern Arizona

Abajo Peak, 11,360', High Point of the Blues
Arizona Strip: Coyote Buttes, North and South
Big Horn Canyon, Harris Wash, Zebra Canyon: GSENM
Boulder Mail Trail to Death Hollow and on to Escalante, Utah: GSENM
Bowington Road via Big Flat Wash and the Escalante River: GSENM
Bull Valley Gorge: GSENM
Cedar Mesa, Utah
Cobra Arch, Buckskin Gulch Rim, and Middle Route: GSENM 
Cream Cellar Road and Escalante Natural Bridge: GSENM
Golden Cathedral of Neon Canyon: Glen Canyon NRA
Hole In The Rock Road: Peek-A-Boo & Spooky, Fortymile & Willow, Fiftymile, Stevens Arch
Inselberg Pit Via Old Sheffield Road: GSENM  
Jacob Hamblin Arch from Red Well Trailhead: GSENM
La Sal Mountains: North Block
Ladder Canyon, Spencer Canyon Grid, Milagro Passage: GSENM 
Lick Wash to No Mans Mesa: GSENM
Moab Rim: Hidden Valley and Behind The Rocks Wilderness Study Area 
Natural Bridges National Monument: Three Bridge Loop, Deer Canyon 
Paria River via Buckskin Gulch
Phipps Arch and Wash from Old Sheffield Road: GSENM
Red Breaks Canyon from Harris Wash Trailhead: GSENM
Southeast Utah: Whirlwind Draw, Moqui Canyon
Upper Calf Creek Falls to McGath Point, 6,759'
White Pocket: Vermilion Cliffs National Monument
Willis Creek Narrows: GSENM
Wire Pass to Buckskin Gulch Trailhead: Vermilion Cliffs National Monument
Yellow Rock, 5,524', and Lower Hackberry Canyon: GSENM

Southern Arizona

Agua Caliente Hill, 5,369', Coronado National Forest
Bassett Peak, 7,663': Galiuro Mountains
Bighorn Mountain, 5,660', Pusch Ridge Wilderness
Catalina State Park to Sabino Canyon National Recreation Area Via Romero Pass, Pusch Ridge Wilderness
Cathedral Rock, 7,957', Pusch Ridge Wilderness 
Dos Cabezas Peaks, 8,354' and 8,357', Via Cooper Peak, 7,950'
Finger Rock Guard, 6,475', Pusch Ridge Wilderness 
Gibbon Mountain, 5,801', From Bear Canyon Trailhead, Pusch Ridge Wilderness
La Milagrosa and Agua Caliente Canyon: The Narrows Loop 
Linda Vista Ridge to Point 5,730', Pusch Ridge Wilderness
McFall Crags, 5,840', Pusch Ridge Wilderness
Mount Ajo, 4,808', Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument 
Mount Kimball, 7,258': Pima Canyon to Finger Rock Canyon, Pusch Ridge Wilderness
Oracle Ridge Trail: Catalina Mountains
Pontatoc Loop Route: Canyon and Ridge Trail Connector, Pusch Ridge Wilderness
Pontatoc Ridge to Point 7,123', Mt. Kimball Loop 
Prominent Point West, 6,628', Pusch Ridge Wilderness
Pusch Peak, 5,361', Pusch Ridge Wilderness 
Ragged Top, 3,907', Silver Bell Mountains 
Rattlesnake Peak, 6,653', Pusch Ridge Wilderness
Rincon Peak, 8,482', Saguaro National Park, Rincon Mountain District
Saddleback Ridge to Point 5,001' Via Phoneline Trail; Blackett's Ridge to Point 4,409'
Sabino Canyon Recreation Area, Tucson
Sutherland Trail: Catalina State Park to Mt. Lemmon, 9,157' 
Table Mountain, 6,265', Pusch Ridge Wilderness
Tanque Verde Peak, 7,049', Saguaro National Park, Rincon Mountain District
Window Peak, 7468', Pusch Ridge Wilderness

Sierra Nevada Mountains

Lamarck Col to Bishop Pass
Mount Gabb, 13,741', Via Lake Italy and Granite Park 

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