Durango, Colorado and Locations Nearby

Debra Van Winegarden

Animas City Mountain, 8,161'
Animas Overlook, 8,960', from Turtle Lake Bouldering Garden
Barnroof Point, 8,723', Perins Peak State Wildlife Area
Burnt Timber Trail, Point 11,003' and Point 11,724' 
Carbon Mountain, 7,844', Bodo State Wildlife Area
Cascade Creek Waterfalls, San Juan National Forest
Castle Rock, 10,441', Via Elbert Creek Trail, Hermosa Cliffs
Dry Fork Loop and High Point 
Dry Gulch Trail, Perins Peak State Wildlife Area 
Elbert Creek to Goulding Creek: Point 10,612', Highest Point on Hermosa Cliffs Escarpment
Hidden Valley, Falls Creek Trail System
Missionary Ridge Trail System, Baldy Mountain, 9,874'
Mitchell Lakes Trail, Pinkerton-Flagstaff Trail to Pt. 9,564'; North to Peak 9,661'; South to Pt. 9,117'
New Mexico Arches: Anasazi, Octopus, and Cedar Hills
Pautsky Point and Crader Ridge to Peak 8,175' Via Horse Gulch
Perins Peak, 8,346', and Peak 8,682' (North Perins Peak)
Raider Ridge: Horse Gulch Trail System 
Smelter Mountain, 7,725', Outdoor Classroom
Twin Buttes East, 7,737'; West, 7,700'; and Trail System 


  1. Hey Debra where is this amazing hike? I would not have the guts to walk up that rock. Later, Alec.

    1. That photo was shot on Crader Ridge, Durango open space.

  2. I have some friends visiting & trying to find topo map from gate 12 at Purgatory to Castle Rock

    1. Search "Durangotrails.org" and then, "Trail Map and Finder." You will find the trails from Purg to Castle Rock there. Debra